Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wealth Management Suite

Money is a very dangerous thing, you have to get know how to look after it or else you will lose it with ease and remember how you would've it in hard times.” ― Auliq Ice.

Auliq Ice has rightly spoken about the dangers of Money! It’s dangerous when you begin to lose track about how you have spent all the hard earned money. We all know how much blood and sweat goes in making that every penny all through the year. What most of us fail to understand is;with changing times the value of your earned money won’t suffice to meet your growing needs and that’s when Wealth Management steps in!

Wealth Management of course in its own way is very self-explanatory, but it has those hidden gems; when used rightly will take you to a different world.

Through this blog we are trying to give you a different perspective about Wealth Management and how this might prove beneficial for you all the while making sure that our customers are our top priority and that nothing can be more important than your satisfaction.
This being our first blog after an interval of few months we would again want to tell the world a little more about ourselves and start the journey once again;
Simple things like:

1. Who are WE?
2. What’s different about us?
3. The advantage of doing business with us!

So we’ll begin with ‘Who are WE’?

Karvy Private Wealth is the wealth management arm of the Karvy Group. Over the years, Karvy Private Wealth has gathered unrivalled expertise in providing top notch service delivery along with cutting edge investment planning.
Based out of Mumbai, Karvy Private Wealth also has branch offices in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai,Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and Pune. We aim to be one of the most sought after Wealth Managers for high net worth individuals in India, through a goal of long-term value creation for all our clients.
Our approach in building an optimum portfolio for you brings together the following unique aspects:

What’s Different about us

  1. Risk Evaluation: We ascertain your ability and willingness to take risks. As per which we factor  your appetite into conservative, moderate or an aggressive investor
  2. Asset Allocation: Our Wealth Managers then get started on developing a unique asset -allocation strategy for you. They formulate a tactical approach for long term and short term approaches.
  3. Restructuring of existing portfolio: Here, we review your existing portfolio on assets and individual security levels.  We suggest unique combination of products across asset classes.
  4. Execution: We ensure careful execution of all the transactions through our teams of personal Wealth Managers.
  5. Reviews and recommendations: Our investment counsellors constantly scrutinize and recommend new investment options depending on market fluctuations.

Advantage of doing Business with us!
  1.  Our experts – a team of personal asset managers at your service: At Karvy Private Wealth excellence comes as standard. The management team consists of professionals with pedigreed academic records and in-depth expertise in the wealth management field. and with the strength of the entire Karvy Group within our reach, you receive full advantage of the industry expertise available exclusively within our group. We are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act at Karvy, it’s a habit.
  2.  Maximum choice of products & service: Karvy Private Wealth offers the widest range of products and services, providing clients a variety of options all through a single contact point. Products and services include Equities, Debt Instruments, Commodities, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Structured Products, Financial Planning, Real Estate solutions, etc.
  3.  Product-neutral recommendations: We ensure that our recommendations are 100% product-neutral and unbiased because unlike the others, we are neither tied up with any one particular insurance company nor do we have our own mutual funds.
  4. All-India presence: With presence in over 400 branches across India, Dubai and New York and an additional 300+ franchisees across the country, we are poised to cater to families and businesses spread across multiple cities in India providing them with combined and integrated solutions.
  5. Decisions based on scientific and researched based insights: With intensive in-house research carried out across various asset classes and investment products. Rapid responses to changing market conditions. And with individual needs placed at the centre of scientific and calculated tailor-made solutions built for each client, you can trust KPW to take a sound decision with your investment.
  6. Mutual relationships built on trust: Our successes are a result of a team effort. At Karvy you will benefit from personalized service with multiple face-to-face meetings. Your personal wealth manager has the unique capacity to mobilize the Karvy Group’s leading experts to service your particular needs at anytime. Your journey at a Karvy Private Wealth will always end with a warm handshake and a feeling of mutual trust. 

Our blogs are going to be a way of connecting with people who are interested in learning more about Wealth Management and how we can add value to your investments. Till then, Cheers!

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    1. Dear Jessica carter,
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us. Kindly continue sharing your thoughts with us. It is our endeavor to improve and come out with products that are one better than the other.

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